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  Silvano Maffeis' Publications
-Mobile Applications Middleware
  • Giving Mobile Users a Better Experience, In: Banking Technology Solutions, 2002. (Published in association with KPNG).
  • Mobile Services for Java-enabled Devices on 3G Wireless Networks, In: World market Research Report, 2002. Download
  • JMS for Mobile Applications and Wireless Communication, In: "Professional JMS Programming", Wrox Press 2001. Download Chapter. 
  • Communication Middleware for Mobile Applications - A Comparison, August 2001. Download.
  • Improving the User Experience, Quasar Publications 2001. Download.
  • Wireless Information Services Need Java Messaging, Guest Editorial,Java Developers Journal, January 2001. Download.
  • M-Commerce Needs Middleware! In: World market Research Report, 2001. Download.
  • Using JMS for developing highly interactive, mobile applications, Presentation Slides. Download.
  • -Books
  • Professional JMS Programming, Wrox Press 2001. Order book.
  • [German] Erfahrungen mit Java, dpunkt Verlag, 1999. Order book.
  • Run-time Support for Object-Oriented Distributed Programming, PhD Thesis, 1995. Download.
  • -German Articles
  • Middleware für Mobile Java Anwendungen, Objekt Spektrum, Februar 2001. Download.
  • Robuste verteilte Anwendungen mit JMS, SIGS Java Spektrum, Feb. 2000. Download.
  • Piranha - A CORBA Tool for High Availability, IEEE Computer April 1997. Download.
  • Horus: A Flexible Group Communications System, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 39(4), April 1996. Download.
  • Client/Server Term Definition, In: Encyclopedia of Computer Science, 2000. Download.
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  • A Fault-Tolerant CORBA Name Server, IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, October 1996. Download.
  • The Object Group Design Pattern, USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies, June 1996. Download.
  • A Generic Multicast Transport Service

  • to Support Disconnected Operation, ACM Wireless Networks Journal Vol 2(1), 1996. Download.
  • Constructing Reliable Distributed

  • Communication Systems with CORBA, IEEE Communications Magazine Vol. 14(2), February 1997. Download.
  • Building Reliable Distributed Systems with CORBA, Theory and Practice of Object Systems, Vol. 3(1), April 1997, John Wiley & Sons. Download.
  • Design and Implementation of a

  • Configurable Mixed-Media Filesystem, June 1993. Download.